Should the law be involved in people’s sex lives?

I’d say a categorical NO!

If someone were to ask me if the law should have a say in people sex lives, I would smirk at them and think they are insane to even ask me a question like that! Why would anyone other than the people involved want to have a say? What kind of locus standi is theirs exactly?

I have traveled the world and it comes as no surprise to me that there are countries in the world even today where the law of the land prohibits them from selling and buying sex toys from the open market. The pharmacies even are prohibited from displaying the sex toys albeit even discreetly. I found this strange because whatever said and done, this biological urge to have sex is universal and no amount of moral policing will help in reducing it.

Does it have a counter-effect?

What such draconian legislations are capable of however is that they can make the population that is sex-starved and legitimately so to become rebels.

That is exactly what I noticed. So, if the government of these countries thinks that by curbing the sales and the purchase of sex toys it can maintain high morals in the society, they can never be farthest from the truth. Because even while I was there I shopped for at least ten of the sex fetishes and toys that I found online and they were delivered to me without any hitches and in discreet packaging and without even tampering with them to see what was carried in those big boxes.

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