Diet supplements work so why don’t doctors prescribe?

Losing weight is so hard thing to do but gaining weight is a work that can be done without any stress. I am a person with overweight and could not resist if I see food and most of my favorite food items are the ones which has more fat contents but going on diet is so hard thing for me to do.

To maintain my health and stay fit I should go through this pain, being on diet is so hard. I have a lot of positive energy around me and many positive people who encourage me to lose weight. I am tired of trying to lose weight and resisting myself not to eat food. I have tried keto diet, taking little portions of food, I have reduced size of my plate, run at least 30 min for 3 days a week and other days I will be hitting gym lifting weights, going on for a jogger but the result I was able to see is very little and when I visited my doctor he changed my diet plan and asked me to continue same but now I am tired of doing thing. My wife was able to see my hard work and she always encourages me one day she found the an advertise of weight loss supplements, my wife bought me these weight loss supplements which have started to do a miracle and I have lost my weight up to some extent after using them and I am not that stressed to do diet as I have support of these supplements.

But on my research, I found that the weight loss supplements are working by suppression of appetite and increasing metabolism than regular rate and the drugs available in the market are working in the same pattern and they may cause side effects which will affect the health.