Choosing bag based on body type

Article No. 1             Choosing bag based on body type

Handbags though available in all sizes and frames, not all of them suit all women. Choosing a bag according to your body shape is very important. We shall help you in finding the right bag according toyour shape.

When choosing a bag according to your shape, opposite styles always gel well. So, if you are thin, then choose bags that are thick and bulkier. Read on to find more.

For taller women:

Women who are taller love to have bags that are pretty long too, but in reality having a shorter bag will go well. Again if you are thinner, then you will need a small bag that is a little bulky. Avoid short bags as they will make you look even longer. Having a clutch type bag is always good. But yes you can’t carry a clutch often, thehandheld bag is thenext good choice.

For the plus Size women:

There is nothing wrong with having the body that God gifted us. Those plus size women who are somewhat shy in nature to flaunt theirbody can always carry a bag that is pretty bigger. Too thin ones will make you look bulgier, so balance your curves with a little big bag, that covers up and makes you look glam.

There are a lot of options in the branded styles for those plus size women, from Gucci, Hermes and even the favouritechannel has one for you. Find out which Chanel bags are right for you, as there are plenty of choices available in Chanel itself. There isslings tote and handheld bags, clutches too.

For those who are bit less tall:

You can go for longer bags like atote that will make you look a bit taller. Avoid short bags and over large, as they pull you down.